Vision & Mission


BenQ Medical Technology has always placed great emphasis in the area of research and development. Apart from aggressively pursuing innovative development for existing products to strengthen product functions and added values, the company is also actively involved in the development and introduction of new products featuring advanced technologies from abroad. BenQ Medical Technology has strived to secure agency rights for quality medical equipment and supplies from abroad in order to realize its goals of product diversification, internationalization and technological advancement to excel in the area of corporate operation and reach new heights.



To the society - to offer high quality medical products at reasonable prices

To the employees - to emphasize employee welfare and creat an ideal working environment for employees

To the shareholders - to creats reasonable benefits and satisfactory invest return rate RENEWAL Through
                                   constant improvement and innovation, BenQ Medical Technology shall create a corporate culture that                                     is tile and energetic


To help employees strengthen their expertise and gain more knowledge to make meaningful contribution