• Optimized Mobile diagnostic, Minimized infection risk, Perfect partner against COVID-19 

    As COVID-19 epidemic continues to expand globally, lacking of medical resources has become the most critical challenge among many countries. BenQ Medical (TWSE 4116) unique “Portable Ultrasound System” can be applied to various types of isolation wards in order to assist doctors to monitor patients’ lung condition in real-time medical care. The system is designed for point-of-care with touch screen design, which is convenient to sanitize to minimized infection risk. Such supporting system has been selected by Taiwanese expatriates in Thailand today (May 18th) and donated to local hospitals as the valuable equipment against COVID-19. 

    The president of Thai-Taiwan Business Association (TTBA) Hsiu Min Kuo whom is also the member of “Expats of Taiwan-Thailand Anti-Epidemic Group” (forms by Taiwanese expatriates in Thailand) says “Taiwan is famous of its medical technology internationally, and we believe Taiwan has demonstrated to the world about how we can help to fight against COVID-19. The main reason of donating BenQ Medical’s Portable Ultrasound System to local hospital is we believe such a high-quality system is 100% Taiwanese Design, Development, and manufacturing, and we are able to give back local Thailand community and promoting high-quality Taiwanese medical devices in the meantime.”

    The world largest online scientific, technical, and medical research resources platform “Springer Link” and other reports stated that in order to fight against COVID-19, it is essential doctors are required to monitor/track patients’ lung condition continuously. Instead of applying radioactive CT or X-Ray, it is recommended to apply non-radioactive and Non-invasive ultrasound technology for initial diagnosis.

    Non-invasive enables Mobile diagnosis optimization  

    When doctors are required to diagnose patients’ lung condition at various isolation wards, Ultrasound can be applied to diagnosis Acute Respiratory Failure, ARDS or other intensive Lung Disease causes with Mechanical Ventilation.

    Ultrasound system is capable of positioning accurately during medical treatment and able to assist the doctors to proceed Intubation, Puncture Aspiration, Drainage, and Biopsy. In addition, it can also avoid the risk of injuries caused by blind puncture and multiple punctures, and medical exclusion of the expiratory dyspnea caused by Acute circulation disorder.

    Conveniently sanitized with Bezel-Free Touch Screen, minimized infection risk

    BenQ Medical unique “Portable Ultrasound System” offers high mobility as well as instant scanning to support Frontline medical staff as essential medical equipment in various isolation wards, and it is also capable of proceeding diagnostic scanning directly to the patients at bedside. Traditional keyboard-type Ultrasound system has always been criticized for its difficulty of fully sanitization, whereas BenQ Medical’s Bezel-Free Touch Screen is able to optimized sanitization to minimized infection risk.

    4.7 Million Cases of COVID-19 has been reported as of today and continues to grow. With the challenge of limited medical resources internationally, all the countries are expected for long-term preparation. Such preparation would require sufficient and suitable medical equipment in order to optimize medical benefits to fight against the epidemic. 

    News 2020.05.18

  • Telemedicine realization through safety and efficiency enhancement of intelligent aesthetic treatment


    News 2020.04.14
  • BenQ Medical Technology Corp. has once further builds a medical fleet more completely by forming strategic alliance with EASTECH Co., Ltd. with acquisition of majority stake. The alliance will expand the scope of the medical imaging from Taiwan towards South-East Asia with coverage of both Medical MRI and professional high-end ultrasound imaging diagnostic scanner.

    EASTECH is the leading Medical Imaging vendor from Taiwan with broad base of customer as well as veterinary medical Imaging and professional medical expertise. Forming the alliance with BenQ Medical will leverage the advantages of group’s R&D resources as well as global brand value. Both parties will be beneficial from product richness as well as market expansion with synergy optimization.

    EASTECH_Product Line

    • ESAOTE Ultrasound System
    • ESAOTE Veterinary Ultrasound System
    • ESAOTE Weight Bearing MRI
    • ESAOTE Extremities MRI

    EASTECH_Contact Information  :  

    • +886 2 89835039
    • benson@eastech-medical.com.tw
    • 1F, No.29, Ziyou St., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241, Taiwan

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


    News 2020.03.03
  • BenQ AB DentCare Corp. spotted the trend of digital dental implants that has been aggressively layout oral medical materials market for years. BenQ AB DentCare would participate in the Taipei International Dental Exhibition and Annual Conference was held from March 16 to March 17 and launch Taiwan's first intra-oral scanners which are domestically manufactured by BenQ Qisda Group. It also presented a complete digital solution for dental implants, new series of AB implants and dental consumables.
    News 2019.03.14
  • [January 25, 2019] BenQ Medical Technology Corp. (stock symbol: 4116, referred as BenQ Medical) advanced toward the rapidly developed Middle East medical equipment market. BenQ displayed color ultrasound, multi-functional operating tables, medical consumables, medical displays and other products self-developed by group at Arab Health. The premium version of the multi-functional electric hydraulic operating table “Dr. Max 8000” and the BenQ 8-inch hand-held color ultrasound scanner “H1300" would be particularly debuted in this medical exhibi-tion.
    News 2019.01.25
  • BenQ / Qisda Group, the new trend and pilot in medical care ,demonstrated the core concept of patient safety combining with optical-electrical technology and branding s trength to show the seven major products in Taiwan Healthcare+ exhibition on November 29 2018.The demonstration of Intelligent Operating Room, Intelligent Pharmacy and other innovative solutions could help clinicians reduce the risk and improve efficiency, BenQ / Qisda Group would seek for appropriate partners to cooperate and expand the business opportunities domestically and internationally.
    News 2018.11.29
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