Peter Chen

Peter Chen has served as Chairman of BenQ Medi-cal Technology Corp. since April 2010.

Since 2010 ,BenQ Medical Technology Corp. (formerly known as Trident Medical) has joined BenQ Qisda Group, Peter Chen was responsible for BenQ medical material. He had led to strengthen operational efficiency and business development .In the first year, he led the performance growth by 30%. Then, on the basis of medical equipment business, it gradually started to develope hospital consumables, medical imaging equipment, digital dentistry, hearing nosiness and other undertakings. Peter Chen has improved the business layout of BenQ Medical Technology. In addition, BenQ Qisda Group invested in Nanjing, Suzhou those BenQ Hospital and other medical services in mainland China. This integration make BenQ Medical Technology has become a model and successful transformation from domestic electronics industry to the medical industry.

Since 1991, Peter Chen has joined BenQ Qisda Group and been served as the general manager of digital media business of product development, from projectors, LCD TVs, digital cameras, note-book ,e-books, etc. that created a new version of products. He has been responsible for research and development, procurement, quality manage-ment, brand marketing and after-sales service management. Those multi-management experienc-es enable Peter Chen to manage cross-functional, cross-product line and cross-industry business.

Peter Chen currently also has been serving chair-man and general manager of Qisda Corporation. He continues to lead BenQ Qisda Group to break through the transformation, expand the group's distribution in the medical industry, and hope to create high value-added opportunities to lead Tai-wan's medical industry to the world.

Peter Chen holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Cheng Kung University in 1985, Taiwan. He also has Graduate institute of Tech-nology & Innovation Management (TIM) certifica-tion in 2000 and a Master of International Man-agement degree from America’s Thunderbird School of Global Management in 2001.

President & Acts Spokesman

Mr. Michael Guan

Michael Guan has served as general manager of BenQ Medical Technology Corp. Since September 2017.

Since April 2012, Michael Guan has joined BenQ Medical Technology Corp. (formerly known as Trident Medical) as a general manager special as-sistant and responsible for the new business devel-opment. In 2013, Michael Guan has established BenQ AB DentCare Corp. and aggressively ex-panded the multi-medical business on the basis of medical equipment. In 2014, he took over as Dep-uty General Manager of the Medical Equipment Division. In the first year, he led the Equipment Division to a new peak of sale revenue. In 2017, he took over the General Manager of BenQ Medical Technology Corp. Both the medical equipment in-dustry has developed steadily and the revenue of BenQ Medical has increased by the layout of the new business.

Since 1998, Michael Guan has joined BenQ Group and had been responsible for the research and development of projectors and large-scale LCD products. In 2007, he took over as the general manager of large-scale LCD business department, responsible for the research and development, procurement, quality management, brand marketing and after-sales service. In 2008, he was transferred to take over as director of the PID Public Display Division in BenQ Group, responsible for global brand marketing and business promotion of products. Those experiences enable Michael Guan to qualify as a comprehensive manager.

Michael Guan received Master's degree in Business Management, Central University in 2003.

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