Mobile type integrated system

Effectively integrate the operating room equipment, unrestricted by distance and time to achieve the best teaching and clinical records.

Customized design iQOR can perfectly meet the user’s anticipation of operating room. It is able to integrate medical devices, medical imaging, clinical education, remote conference call as well as PACS / HIS health information system into a complete operating room control scheme in order to offer an efficient and safer medical environment

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Mobile Integration Solution

Efficiently, diversified image integration and conference function

Hospital Information System(HIS) Link

Equipment Integration

Mobile Integration Solution

Unrestricted by the using region
Reduce space、equipment requirements and increase mobility

For medical facilities with limited space, the necessary conditions for setting up the main room are eliminated, and the space configuration is reduced. However, for different areas, the convenience of movement is increased, so it’s not only able to use in a fixed place, so that the medical staff can quickly move the equipment to the location needed for the treatment, and provide a variety of sockets in the fuselage to enhance the convenience of use.

  • Multiple type socket and amplable output
  • Diversified signal sources to increase the use of identification
  • Increase unlimited expansion

Equipment Integration

Simplify equipment operation and quickly access to the surgical process

The pursuit of precise with different kinds of sophisticated equipment and the act of avoiding the risk of generated by the equipment during the operation, iQOR committed facilitation of major equipment usage and more efficiently connected to a variety of equipment to do the complex functions. The single user interface makes it easier for people during the operation to avoid delay of the surgery time only because they are not familiar with the complex interface.

  • Synchronizing patient information with hospital's existing PACS system or with an independently built mini PACS system that ensures both compatibility and security of the information.
  • Integrating medical records and reporting system, achieving integration of patient information

Efficiently, diversified image integration and conference function

Diversification of video management and effective management of medical records

Every procedure is absolutely valued experience and assets to hospitals. Facing different challenges is important and the core of medical system. Unfortunately we can’t just rely on human memory to complete the detailed information. We need to have an effective management and method to record and ensure that every medical procedure can be preserved intact. This also provides for future use as teaching and reaches the best medical benefits.

  • Operating Room Module - Managing the inputs and displays of various kinds of image equipment systematically.
  • Two-way Conference Room Module- Communicating without latency and signal (Audio / Video) damages between operating
  • Two-way Remote Meeting Room Module- Communicating (Audio / Video) between operating rooms and conference rooms located anywhere outside a hospital.
  • One-way Monitoring Room Module- Transmitting video and audio for monitoring surgical procedures
  • Transmitting FHD and supporting UHD images without latency and signal damages.
  • Reserving interfaces to link with other conference system.
  • Storing information in USB devices.
  • Supporting to link with hospital network and upload / download from HIS / PACS system.
  • Performing functions via ergonomic and iconic user interface on a touch panel.
  • Ensuring information security with Safety Lock Devices.
  • Supporting customizable surgical reports and safety checklists.

Hospital Information System(HIS) Link

Real-time information transmission to preserved medical record

iQOR has been working on every relevant information and procedure more complete and effectively used. This is not only for future reference record also the complete clinical teaching materials which combine with relevant academic medical report.

  • Synchronize patient information with existing PACS system of a hospital or with an independently-built mini PACS system that ensures compatibility and information security.
  • Integrate patient information, including medical records and report system.
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