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Industry: CAD/CAM Solution

the completion date:Oct, 2017

  • Customer request:
    BenQ AB DentCare provides patients and doctors a better vision and professional operation in the limited space.
  • Solution:
    Due to BenQ medical and BenQ AB DentCare are brother companies and very experienced in the business of operating lamps, we can do exclusive environmental assessment for our customers under this cooperation.
  • Device correspondence:
    TriLite LS800/BQ AB Dentcare /Implant


Dr. Huang, a dentist who was born locally in Yangmei area where his dental clinic is also located in. Dr. Huang originally served in a large hospital but would like to contribute more medical resource to his hometown. Due to the lack of oral health and related environment locally in Yangmei area, Dr. Huang would like to install the hanging operating lamp in operating room which is even rarely seen in most of dental clinics but the professional lighting level is superior. Dr. Hung has seen this specific equipment in the large hospitals before and known that BenQ Group could provide and integrate all the medical equipment. He has a certain of confidence in the quality of BenQ products also has used the guided dental implants for a while.


The professional assessment of hanging equipment

The hanging operating lamps are rarely to be seen in most of dental clinics. This equipment could help dentists diagnose the disease and view more clearly in the oral with no shadow bothers. Most of equipment vendors can’t provide dedicated operating room lighting equipment and not much experience in the installation. BenQ has well-experienced in this installation in the operating room to create a safe medical environment.

Diversified product types

In addition to dental-related equipment, BenQ AB DentCare also helped Dr. Huang clinic to look for the appropriate electronic products, such as air purifier, operating lamps, TV, eye-protection lamps etc. BenQ has diverse product lines and other relevant companies could offer multiple and appropriate product choices to Dr. Huang immediately. It did save a lot of time for the customers. Furthermore, Dr. Huang is also very interested in BenQ Medical business in China. We also provided a lot of related information to Dr. Huang.


Dr. Huang's clinic was completed in 2018. The clinic is equipped with BenQ AB DentCare products. Especially the installation of the operating room level lamps which greatly improved the illumination problem during diagnosis. This enables Dr. Huang to see the oral condition more clearly without shadows bother. All the equipment was installed on schedule followed with no sacrifice of quality. This was definitely a pleasant and efficient cooperation.

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