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BenQ surgical medical display has superior feature of color restoration. This provides an ideal solution to endoscopic system and other surgical equipment.

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the completion year:2016

  • Customer request:
    China Suzhou BenQ medical center , the medical director Weiping Chang M.D. said: The key point of medical display is color reproduction, especially the red color. If you can show more the undistorted red, the more easily to identify the disease tissue.
  • Solution:
    BenQ professional medical display provides a wide range of colors and color reproductively. Using the signal processing chip to optimize the signal on 26-inches and 16: 9 screen instantly presents high quality images without delay. It supports a full range of multimodal system , input sources and flexible mounting options at the same time to meet all medical standards.
  • Device correspondence:
    BenQ SE26101 (1080P medical display of endoscopic surgery)


Cancer is the first leading cause of death globally. According to the latest global cancer report noted that China has approximately 3.5 million new cancer cases which is the highest in the world. All the intestinal cancers have reached to top five cancer each year now due to the intestinal symptoms is easy to neglect . In order to Cancer mortality can be reduced if cases are detected and treated early, colonoscopy is an important part of health care. In recent years, China government and nongovernment make the most of the importance of health check. Under this trend, the future demand of medical display is expected to grow and the image quality must remain stable and precise even for long-term use.

China has raised awareness of health in recent year. The government also requires government employees aged over forty must have a medical examination regularly. Every department demand for professional medical display continues to grow in the future. BenQ monitor has compliance with the physician's professional medical requirements in terms of quality of image and medical standards. Our systems support both full mode and an input source which having a flexible mounting options, providing the ideal solution for endoscopic imaging system and other operating room equipment.


Wide color scale and color reproduction

BenQ professional medical display has broader gray scale and color range than the other models. The contrast and true colors are more accurate.

Using the signal processing chip to optimize the signal

Medical display selection is very important. The current and most of China hospital system in colonoscopy and endoscopic surgery are Olympus. In order to avoid BenQ display and the Olympus endoscope lens can not be effective to coordination, our professional medical display uses the signal processing chip to optimize the signal with instant , no delays , no blur in colonoscopy and endoscopic surgery.

Personnel Feedback

"Sometimes there will be around 20 examinations just in one morning. The larger screen indeed reduces the eye fatigue." China SuZhou BenQ medical center , the gastrointestinal medical director Weiping Chang M.D. said. BenQ professional medical monitors use 26 inches and 16:9 screen which is larger than other companies products, and IPS panels to provide high-quality images and wide perspectives which make doctors more visually convenient and comfortable even for long-term use.


BenQ professional medical color display has superior feature of color restoration which meets the requirements from physicians. The wide viewing angle screen allows visual comfort and conducive to colonoscopy and endoscopic surgery. This provides an ideal solution to endoscopic system and other surgical equipment.

Product selection

    • Wide gray scale and color, more delicate and clear image
    • Precise brightness control, more significant details
    • Advanced signal processing, real-time and reliable picture
    • 16: 9 and wide angle is easier to Watch
    • Support multiple sources and integrate easier
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