BenQ Medical Technology portable color ultrasound obtained US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical equipment production and sales license in the end of August 2018 that hit the milestone for international market. BenQ color ultrasound has led the mobile ultrasound trends of image resolution, easy operation and rapid diagnosis which is the first medical ultrasound product certified from FDA and with the domestic manufactured hardware, software and probe.

“Looking at the medical equipment global market, ultrasound has become an integral foundation of medical equipment. In addition to obtaining FDA certification on behalf get into USA market, BenQ ultrasound products more consolidate the medical market position. To go a step further, this product takes an assistive and positive impact on the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and other regional markets that have increased the sale revenue in more than ten countries. The sale performance is expected to grow more than 80% compared to the last year.” Michael Kuan said, BenQ general manager.

IHS Markit research institute pointed out that the annual output value was $ 6.6 billion in the global ultrasound market in 2017 with 7.7% increase compared to the previous year which is the highest growth rate in recent years. It was estimated to reach 70 billion US dollars in 2018. Those major markets like USA, China and Asia-Pacific have grown steadily. In terms of types of products, it is estimated that the sale of portable products will continue to increase. The ultrasound market share was 29% of portable and 71% of desktop in 2017.

Mr. Michael Kuan added” Target to the right market and clear product positioning will make a precise value”. In order to reach the rapid growth of mobile health and bedside care requirement, BenQ launched the portable ultrasound products feature as an easy-carry, measure just 13.3 inches and weigh only 2.7 kg.

BenQ Corporation has branched out into the medical industry for decades. Although medical imaging devices technology barrier is high but through our corporation integrates resources in the field of optics, institutions, software to create more value. Our R & D team has gathered a lot of data, strengthened the accuracy from software to hardware and from the machine to the probe for the sake of developing and producing our own ultrasound products.

BenQ Medical Technology color ultrasound can be applied to acute care, musculoskeletal disease, general clinics, and mobile healthcare examination. Our self-developed technology can offer different probes and imaging software corresponding for different departments and applications, also on demand of varied image quality. This product gains the popularity among Taiwan hospitals. It is TFDA, CE mark and US FDA approved. BenQ Medical will actively expand the international market to enhance the quality of care for market contribution.

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