BenQ / Qisda Group, the new trend and pilot in medical care ,demonstrated the core concept of patient safety combining with optical-electrical technology and branding s trength to show the seven major products in Taiwan Healthcare+ exhibition on November 29 2018.The demonstration of Intelligent Operating Room, Intelligent Pharmacy and other innovative solutions could help clinicians reduce the risk and improve efficiency, BenQ / Qisda Group would seek for appropriate partners to cooperate and expand the business opportunities domestically and internationally.

General Manager of Medical Devices Products of Qisda Corporation, Mr. Harry Yang said “Since the establishment of BenQ Medical Center at NanJing, BenQ has arranged the layout of the medical business over a decade. The related business and investment enterprises are more than 10 that we can say currently we possess most comprehensive medical industry chain, the most diversified service and the complete product lines in China.”

Mr. Harry Yang added “Our cooperation inte-grates the expertise of imaging, optics, materi-als, hardware design, software development, process and quality control capabilities, brand equity and channel management, and also validated with two certified hospitals in Taiwan. This makes our innovative achievements of medical science and technology meet the clinical needs and secure patients safety. Furthermore, we have also shortened the development and verification time compared to others”

BenQ / Qisda Group seven major products were included as follows:
l.Intelligent Operation Room:BenQ has integrated the image, information and equipment in the operating room, from preoperative examinations, intra-operative recording/live teaching/long-distance consultation to post-operative records can be automatically saved which can help clinicians improve the efficiency of surgery and protect patients’ safety.
2.Intelligent Pharmacy:BenQ demonstrated the intelligent automated dispensing cabinet, in-house medicine delivered by robots and clinics call system. Intelligent automated dispensing cabinet combines personnel management and pharmacopoeia system to be supported by the features of face recognition, RFID induction, drug image recording and drug delivery indicator. Those features protect multiple checkpoints to avoid errors and improve the efficiency of drug dispense. The robots have the trackless navigation, refrigerated and heat preservation and storage, drug protection and etc. which are suitable for transporting blood plasma , specific drugs and specimen collection and etc.
3.Intelligent Medical Imaging:BenQ has 20 years-experience in the LCD monitors production. For diagnostic and operating room applications, special color correction software is introduced and developed respectively in specific screens. This no-fan medical system is designed by DFI Inc. and easy to clean and maintain stable and quiet operation. It successfully meets the needs of intelligent medical imaging in operating room and diagnostic purpose. In addition, Portable Ultrasound has been certified by Taiwan TFDA, EU CE mark and US FDA. This shows the capability of product development no matter from probe to machine or software to hardware and definitely is the pride of Taiwan.
4.Hemodialysis Center::BenQ Dialysis Technology cooperates with K2 International Medical Inc. to display the artificial kidney, plasma treatment machines and consumables. This definitely improves and more complete the product lines in the field of hemodialysis field.
5.Medical consumables:Lily Medical Cooperation provides high-quality medical consumables and spare parts for Taiwan and international markets. The product lines include intravenous infusion consumables, catheters and bottles, as well as various high-quality surgical gloves, pressure pads, respiratory care products to meet the variety of needs from medical facility.
6.Hearing center:It provides the best quality products and professional hearing care service to the long-term care and senior as the main targets. It is expected to improve communication problems caused by hearing loss. The booth would serve a middle ear acoustic immittance testing.
7.Digital implants treatment center:BenQ displayed the whole dentistry process with intra-oral scanner, 3D printing guide plate, digital implant preoperative planning software and other processes. The new digital dental implants can make the treatment more complete with a fast, accurate and professional process to promote communication and cooperation between dentists and patients. This effectively im-proves the quality of diagnosis and treatment, patient safety and satisfaction.
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