[January 25, 2019] BenQ Medical Technology Corp. (stock symbol: 4116, referred as BenQ Medical) advanced toward the rapidly developed Middle East medical equipment market. BenQ displayed color ultrasound, multi-functional operating tables, medical consumables, medical displays and other products self-developed by group at Arab Health. The premium version of the multi-functional electric hydraulic operating table “Dr. Max 8000” and the BenQ 8-inch hand-held color ultrasound scanner “H1300" would be particularly debuted in this medical exhibi-tion.

According to BMI Research study, the Mid-dle East and Africa medical equipment mar-ket is the region with the highest growth rate in recent years. 2017–2020 annual compound growth is up to 7.7%, higher than the global average of 5.7%. It is expected the market size could reach to $ 11 billion in 2020.

“The gradual saturation of the medical market in the those European advanced countries, the focus of international medical brands has shifted to the Middle East, Africa and other emerging countries in recent years. The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) has gradually become the focus of the region by its superior geographical location. Arab Health is the largest professional medical exhibition in the region and attracts a large number of professional buyers from the Middle East, Africa and Europe. At the same time, it also gathers professional manufacturers from all over the world and gradually becomes the largest medical exhibition in the world.” Mr. Michael Kuan said, BenQ general manager.

“In addition to the expectation of attracting on-site professional buyers to visit, our dis-tributors invited hospital end users from all over the world to experience the convenience by intelligent operating room in this exhibition venue. We hoped to let everyone knows the intentions of BenQ Medical Technology Corp. in the medical field and enhance the trust of our brand and products in order to further expand. Until now, there are many ongoing projects and the development of new markets. It is expected that further discussions with customers will continue and step further.” Mr. Michael Kuan said.

BenQ products in this exhibition, the premium version of the multi-functional electric hydraulic operating table “Dr. Max 8000” and the BenQ 8-inch hand-held color ultrasound scanner “H1300" would be particularly as the highlight of this year.

Dr. Max 8000 modular bed design provides flexible, diversified, large-angle operation posture that surgery positioning can be completed quickly. This definitely can be carried out more efficiently from the increasingly complicated endoscopic surgery process. The coupling points of foot and head parts with quick disassembly design provide the fast and safe operation mode. Furthermore, it supports remote control interface with smart mobile phone and greatly enhances the range of op-eration.

H1300 has an eight-inch lightweight body, so that the doctor can directly carry to the bedside for ultrasound check-ups and save more time. It is approachable diagnostic tool to get. H1300 with optimized user interface made in compact size and well performance in order to show the high quality images. It is certified the CE mark and expected to gain a foothold in overseas medical equipment markets as a Taiwanese brand.

Arab Health was held from January 28 to 31 this year in Dubai. There were 4,150 exhibitor from 66 countries participating in this event. It was expected that more than 84,500 people, experts, professionals and 160 countries around the world to join and visit this event.

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