Easy to carry and quick to diagnose

Portable ultrasound system designed for point-of-care (POC) with high-quality image and lightweight models design which allow you to provide professional and real-time medical care for pets anytime and anywhere.


Intuitive user interface

Smart finger gestures and multi touch of user interface, easy to learn how to operate in a short time

High mobility

The adjustable handle allows T3300v ultrasound to quickly change from table-type to hand-held. It also can be mounted on a mobile trolley.

High-performance battery

4 hours of standby mode and 1.5 hours of high-life battery allow continuous scanning without interruption.

Digital Intelligence Management

Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI, and other I/O interfaces provide a variety of image output.

Clarity of image quality

Combined with many image optimization features that allows small machine is capable to have a good quality of images.

Ready to use

High performance of power on and off, quickly start within 30 seconds, and shut down in 3 seconds.

Smart workflow

  • One-key Auto Optimization provide optimal image quality
  • Customized function keys
  • Auto-IMT measurement
  • PW automatic tracking measurements

Specific Body Marks

By using specific body marks for small animals, to label correct scanning position, and body marks can be hidden by user's habit to shorten scanning process.

Figure Preset

Based on different types of transducer, using clear figures to select suitable preset.



Veterinary Hospital / Clinic
Veterinarian can quickly carry the T3300v to the pet side for the examination with lightweight models and fast power-on features.


Standard Specifications

Screen 13.3" touch screen
Weight 2.7 kg (with battery)
Memory 128GB SSD
Battery 1.5 hours for continuous usage
Stand/Holder 180 degree adjustable stand/holder
Transmission USB 3.0/2.0、HDMI、Ethernet、Wi-Fi、Bluetooth®
Support DICOM、cast display
Image Function B Mode、M Mode、Color doppler、Power doppler、PW doppler、CW doppler


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