Dr. MAX 7000S Series
Dr. MAX 7000S Series
Dr. MAX 7000S Series

Verstile Operating Table

Dr. Max 7000S series is designed to have additional features such as high tabletop height, high weight load, long tabletop slide, tabletop interchangeability, fast and easy attachment accessories like orthopedic extension device, caron fiber extension board, etc in order to effectively position patients, facilitate access for configurations.


High Load Capacity

Enhanced table drive capacity allows of carrying powerful 454kg tabletop slide-center lifting and 360kg tabletop articulation for most patients. For obese patients, use of the table width extension plate facilitates patient comfort with firm floor-lock function which improves the table stability and increases patient safety.

Interchangeability of Tabetop

Interchangeable capability between head and leg sections (reverse patient orientation mode) and tabletop slide provide the excellent operation space and access for equipments such as C-arm, surgical microscopy, etc.

Variety of Accessories

BMT develops our products at close collaboration with doctors and provides a variety of accessories and positioning devices based on clinical needs. This helps to optimize safety, facilitate the work of the OR team, and improve the success of treatments for patients.

Orthopedic Extension Device

Dr. Max 7000S series is specially deisgned to deliver 685~1,135mm of high and stable tabletop elevation height in order to perform traumaological surgeries with carbon fiber or stainless steel Orthopedic Extension Devices. This is to have positioning flexibility of an orthopedic Operating table for procedures such as: Total Hip Replacement, Intramedullary Nailing of Femoral, and Fibula Surgery, lower limb arthroscopic surgery, AO Technique.

Carbon Fiber Extension Board

Extended radiotranslucent range of tabletop meet the various X-ray or C-arms needs.


Laparoscopy Surgery
The table slides longitudinally to head-end, provideing complete X-ray coverage and accommodating a range of surgical procedures, including Laparotomy, Cholecystectomy. Herniorrhapy, Breast Procedures, Ophthalmic Surgery, and ENT procedures.
E.N.T. Surgery
The table reclines into semi-recumbent or chair positions for head-neck and ENT surgery procedures such as Tonsillectomies and Cuff Repair
Table longitudinal slide to head-end, extension of the tabletop to its maximum height, and collocation with an optional carbon fiber extension board, together provide excellent upper body visualization for procedures such as pacers, Groshong Catheterm, Hickman Catheter, Mediport Insertion, Vascular Applications, Fem/Pop Bypass, Femroal Angiograms, and pain management.


Standard Specifications

Tabletop Size 2,000 X 500
Tabletop Height 685 ~ 1,135
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg 30°/30°
Lateral Tilt (L/R) 20°/20°
Head Rest (Up/Down) 60°/-90°
Back Plate (Up/Down) 80°/-40°
Leg Plate (Up/Down) 15°/-90°

Special specifications

Tabletop Longitudinal Slide or Tabletop Rotation 350
Kiidney Bridge Elevation 121


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